Iran Innovation Fund, Nairobi Technology Park Discuss Joint Projects

Iran’s National Innovation Fund (INIF) and the Nairobi Industrial and Technology Park (NITP) have discussed the possibility of implementing collaborative projects, especially in the fields of Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno-Technologies (NBICS).

On the sidelines of a business meeting between 50 Iranian high-tech firms and more than 160 Kenyan counterparts in Nairobi, representatives of the INIF met with members and head of Nairobi Industrial and Technology Park (NITP).

In a meeting with the NITP’s Dr. Kibet Langat in the Kenyan capital, Dr. Siavash Malekifar, the INIF’s Chief Development Officer and Sohrab Assa, the INIF’s deputy director for international affairs, emphasized deepening bilateral relations and cooperation, and getting to know each other while benefiting from each other’s capacities.

In this meeting, Dr. Malekifar discussed the possibility of cooperation in three areas of exchange of technology, supporting development of startups, as well as a joint financial fund in mutual projects.

Sohrab Assa, in turn, introduced the INIF and its structure, and elaborated on priority projects especially in NBICS on each side.

Assa said international cooperation among Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) on specific projects is a suitable solution for the development of international cooperation.

The two sides finally decided to share the list of projects and technological needs of each other, and agreed to design and develop a suitable mechanism for the implementation of these projects.

The Nairobi Industrial and Technology Park project is being implemented in partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Industrialization. The aim of the project is to enhance uptake of research results by industry players.

Industrial and Technology parks are key elements of the infrastructure supporting the growth of today’s global knowledge economy. By providing a location in which state and private sectors as well as universities cooperate with each other, parks create environments that foster collaboration and innovation. They enhance the transfer of development and commercialization of technology.

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