Iran House of Cinema opposes decision to allow IRIB to monitor home entertainment 

Iran’s House of Cinema has slammed a recent decision to authorize the IRIB to monitor home entertainment products.

The House of Cinema said in a statement that the move will cause a rise in immigration of filmmakers and will also lead to the production of unconventional movies.

The statement also warned against “increasing psychological pressure on artists and noted that insisting on the issuance of numerous permits and on increased censorship of home entertainment products will only accentuate crises in the cultural sector.”

The House of Cinema also said this will also strengthen foreign-based television channels.

The decision to give the authority to supervise the home entrainment products to the IRIB was approved by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution.

Earlier, some famous cinema and television actors and actresses also expressed concern over the issue and also over the rising number artists who are banned from working.

They suggested that the bans came following a go-ahead by President Raisi, urging him to reconsider the decision.

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