Monday, September 26, 2022

Iran Foreign Ministry Rejects Claims It Promotes Imports

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has denied allegations that certain Iranian embassies across the globe are working to boost imports rather than exports, saying the Foreign Ministry’s principled policy is to provide open, strong and constant support for the national economy.

In a statement on Monday, the Foreign Ministry said it take various measures to boost the economy, national production and export of goods and services, in line with its agenda.

“Among the foreign ministry’s duties are making efforts to attract foreign investment, conclude economic agreements including double taxation avoidance agreements and mutual investment agreements, transfer high technologies and exchange economic, trade, industrial and agricultural delegations,” the statement wrote.

The foreign ministry said it also works towards facilitating the import of capital goods, intermediate goods and raw materials that are indispensable for improving the Iranian economy and exports.

“It’s obvious that the economic activities of the Foreign Ministry and embassies are in line with the country’s macroeconomic policies, particularly the comprehensive strategy of resistance economy,” it said.

Pointing to an interview published by Tasnim News Agency, the statement said a claim made in the interview that Iran’s embassies are merely working to boost imports is incorrect.

The statement said the interviewee can provide any credible documents proving the claim to the Foreign Ministry, as the body is one of the most transparent and responsive bodies across the country and is ready to check the information and act on them if necessary.

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