Saturday, December 3, 2022

Iran FM Says His Meeting with Kerry Not Confidential

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has rejected cetainmedia reports on his meeting with former US Secretary of State Johan Kerry on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference, saying the meeting was not a secret one.

Zarif on Sunday stressed that his meeting with Kerry in Munich was not held behind the closed doors, adding, “Most of our meetings are not confidential and we usually hold talks with elites from different countries on the sidelines of international events.”

According Farsi report by Tasnim News Agency, he then underlined that for the time being there is no negotiation between Iran and the US.

Elaborating on his meeting with Kerry, he said “during the talks, we mainly talked about Trump’s plan for the JCPOA and exchanged views on appropriate policies to isolate him at the international arena.”

“Zarif-Kerry Meeting in Munich Part of Routine Diplomacy”

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said Zarif usually holds talks on the sidelines of international events with figures and elites from across the world including non-governmental elites from the US attending the events.

In a Farsi interview with IRNA, the spokesman added the meetings are held within the active and comprehensive diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to meet its national interests.

“Such meetings are part of larger policies and plans to take the most advantages of the available opportunities to elaborate on the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran at an international level and establish deeper cooperation with the world to further meet our national interests,” he said.

The spokesman added during the last month Munich Security Conference, the Iranian foreign minister held talks with Kerry and Ernest Moniz, former US Secretary of Energy who are critical of the policies of the Trump administration.

Qassemi also pointed out that during his stay in Munich, the Iranian minister held talks with former officials, elites and political figures of several other countries and exchanged views with them.

The spokesman then added today, taking advantages of all available capacities and opportunities and applying the art of public diplomacy to voice Iran’s wise and logical stances is a huge, complicated, enormous and effective task.

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