Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Iran FM urges UN, OIC and Muslim nations probe into “Israel crimes” against Palestinians

The Iranian foreign minister has called on the Muslim nations as well as the world community to take immediate and effective action in support of the Palestinians against “Israeli crimes.”

Hossein Amirabdollahian, in separate letters to UN Chief Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Hissein Brahim Taha and foreign ministers of the Muslim countries, criticized the silence and inaction of human rights organizations and the silence of the countries claiming to be defending human rights toward the escalation of “the Israeli inhumane acts against the Palestinian people.”

The top Iranian diplomat pointed to the “Zionist regime’s abuse of the global public opinion’s preoccupation with the Ukraine war.”

Amirabdollahian referred to Israel’s “criminal actions including assassinations, killings, arrests of people and destruction of Palestinians’ property as crimes that and a violation of the principles and norms of international law and human rights.”

He stressed that the Islamic Republic of strongly condemns “the violent and brutal acts by the Israeli regime against the Palestinian people and its move to deprive the Palestinians of their inherent rights, including their right to livelihood, the right to determine their fate and the right to work” that are “a clear and gross violation of human rights and the enforcement of racist policies.”

The Iranian foreign minister urged an urgent probe into the current situation in Palestine by the UN, the OIC and other responsible international bodies.

Amirabdollahian went on to note that a lasting and just peace in the region is possible only through a complete end to the occupation of Palestine, the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland and allowing Palestinians to determine the future ruling system of Palestine through a public and free referendum in which all the main inhabitants of the Palestinian land, including Muslims, Christians and Jews, would participate.

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