Iran Falsely Blamed for Every Incident Due to Its Power: IRGC

General Hossein Salami

Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iran has become so powerful that it is now blamed for every incident in the world.

“Today we have become so powerful that they have to attribute any incident in the world to us, even if it is a lie,” Major General Hossein Salami said in a gathering of people in north-eastern Iran.

“In the battlefront, we have blocked all the paths with God’s blessing, and have not left any way for infiltration,” he added.

“We are not worried about big and small enemies because we’re confident our soldiers, Basijis [volunteer forces], and Guards in the borders are waiting for the enemies with open eyes.”

The top commander said the enemy wants to keep the Iranian people poor and see the country weak. “However, we won’t let that happen.”

On Saturday, Yemeni armed forces conducted a large-scale drone operation on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco oil facilities in response to Riyadh’s years-long military aggression, causing a partial halt in crude and gas production from the world’s top oil exporter.

The US, a major sponsor of the Saudi war on Yemen, used the opportunity to swiftly blame Iran for the attack, a claim sharply rejected by both Iran and Yemen.

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