Thursday, May 23, 2024

Iran executes ringleader of terror group behind 2018 deadly attack on military parade

Iran hangs the ringleader of an anti-Iran terrorist group and mastermind of a deadly terror attack in 2018 against a military parade in the southwestern city of Ahvaz.

The Mizan Online news website, affiliated with the Iranian Judiciary, reported Saturday that the death sentence for Habib Farajollah Cha’ab, nicknamed Habib Asyud, the head of the so-called Harakat al-Nidal terrorist group was executed earlier in the day.

Cha’ab had been found guilty of spreading “corruption on earth,” a capital offense under Iranian law, through forming and leading a criminal group for the purpose of carrying out terrorist attacks in Iran’s Khuzestan Province.

One of the terror group’s attacks targeted an Iranian Army parade in Ahvaz, provincial capital of Khuzestan, in September 2018, leaving 25 people dead, including civilians who were watching the event.

In March, the Iranian Supreme Court upheld the death penalty handed down to Cha’ab.
He was arrested in November 2020 by Iranian intelligence forces.

The Harakat al-Nazal terror group has been pushing to separate the southwestern province of Khuzestan, home to the country’s Arab population, by engaging in an armed conflict against the Iranian government.

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