Saturday, December 3, 2022

Iran would enjoy oil, gas for next 60, 200 years

NIOC deputy-manager for explorations has said the country would enjoy gas and oil reservoirs for next 60 and 200 years, respectively.

Bahman Soleimani said that Iran was the greatest home for natural gas reservoirs in the world. “Iran owns oil reserves for next 60 years and gas for 200 years,” he added.

“Iran has discovered new oil and gas reservoirs and 70 per cent of drilling have produced rich ores of oil and gas,” said he.

National Iranian Oil Company had announced last year that it had discovered 70 gas reserves and 178 oil reserves in the country.

176 oil reserves located in Zagros folds and Persian Gulf basin; the other 2 oil reserves are scattered in central Iran. 65 gas reserves are in Zagros and Persian Gulf basin, 2 in central Iran, and 3 more in Kopet Dag basin in northwest.

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