Monday, December 5, 2022

Iran Develops High-Quality Nano-Filters

A group of Iranian researchers has developed the technology to produce high-quality filters to increase the efficiency of production in different industries.

The Iranian company Behran Filter started its research activities in the field of nanotechnology to produce filters, and has been producing nano-filters for seven years now.

“In the past, the American Donaldson company produced these filters under its own license, and at the moment, there are many companies in the world that are producing these filters. However, we began to produce them domestically, i.e. we ourselves also produced the machinery to make these filters,” said Faqihi, the deputy managing director of Behran Filter.

“At the moment, having received the EN779 2013 certificate in producing gas turbine filters, we meet the needs of renowned Iranian companies such as South Pars, Damavand, Kerman and Abadan with regards to refining natural gas,” he said.

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“We will soon receive more standards. The reason is that filter papers must have the nano-grade since 2012, so that we can pass the standards tests. These tests are mainly done in prestigious German firms, and so far, we have managed to pass all these tests,” he noted.

“The company has also had a good performance in practice and we are meeting 50% of the needs of power stations at the moment, and we are among the largest producers of power station filters” said Faqihi.

“This trend is growing because the advantages of nano-filters are becoming more and more evident day by day,” he said.

The deputy CEO went on to say that nano-filters are more durable and do not allow dust to pass through them, hence reducing the number of times that machinery need to be repaired. This improves the efficiency of the systems, whose parts are expensive, and increases energy production. On the other hand, the average drop in pressure is very low in equipment where nano-filters are used, resulting in an increase in the performance of the turbine. This high efficiency offsets the high costs of nano-filters.

“The quality of our products are high enough to compete with similar products made in the United States. The Iranian-made ones are cheaper, too, paving the way for competition on international markets. So, by the amelioration of economic relations with other countries, we hope to be able to export these products,” he said.

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