Saturday, December 10, 2022

Iran Denounces US Veep’s Belligerent Remarks

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson scorned the US vice president’s recent threats against Tehran over a missile test, stressing that Iran will press on with its defense programs irrespective of the views or recommendations of outsiders.

When it comes to defense, Iran forges ahead with whatever plan it deems necessary to protect its interests regardless of what others may think or recommend, Bahram Qassemi said Monday, underscoring that foreigners have neither a right nor permission to comment on Iran’s defense programs.

His comments at a press conference in Tehran came after US Vice President Mike Pence warned Iran “not to test the resolve” of Donald Trump’s administration, a few days after Washington imposed new sanctions against Iran for a missile test.

In reaction, Qassemi said that history, particularly the experience of an Iraqi-imposed war in the 1980s, has taught Iran not to look for help from other countries.

“We do not use defense issues as a tool to send signals, but do our job on schedule,” the spokesman added, making it clear that the recent missile test was not meant as a signal to the US administration.

“There is no need to test Mr Trump,” he said in response to Pence.

Qassemi further condemned the recent “unfair and wrong” US move to slap new sanctions on Iran, saying reciprocal actions are being weighed to blacklist certain American individuals and institutions who have assisted Takfiri terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIL).

Iran’s list of Americans to be put under sanctions will be released soon, he added.

Last week, the US added 13 Iranian figures and 12 entities to its anti-Iran sanction for the missile test.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has announced in a statement that Iran is entitled to boost its defense capabilities, including missiles, under the international law and the UN Charter, making it clear that the Iranian missiles, designed for defensive programs and carrying conventional weapons, will be used only for defense.


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