Friday, October 7, 2022

Iran Denounces Kabul Terrorist Attack

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has strongly condemned the twin terrorist bombings in the Afghan capital of Kabul, which killed and wounded dozens of Afghan civilians including several reporters.

In a Monday statement, Qassemi sympathised with the bereaved families of the victims of the ‘inhumane’ attack, and condoled with the Afghan nation and government over the deadly and tragic incident.

The Monday blast happened only a few days after the latest terrorist attack in Kabul, Qassemi noted, regretting that the Afghan nation’s pains after the previous similar attacks had not been relieved when the new blast took place.

“The region’s stability, including that of Afghanistan, hinges on the international community’s utmost efforts to strictly fight the issue of terrorism,” he noted.

The spokesman also noted that there is no doubt the terrorism orchestrated by certain centres, which seek to spread fear and instability in the region by targeting innocent citizens, will fail to achieve its vicious goals.

At least 25 people including six journalists were killed and nearly 50 others wounded in two back-to-back blasts that hit near government buildings in Kabul on Monday morning.

The first bomb attack was carried out by an assailant on a motorcycle, who blew himself up in the Shashdarak area close to the buildings of Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security in the heart of Kabul, officials said.

Shortly afterwards, a second explosion tore through a group of reporters who had gathered at the site of the first incident outside the headquarters of the Ministry of Urban Development.

The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the blasts, which came only a week after the Takfiri terror group killed some 60 people in a bomb attack targeting a voter registration centre in the west of Kabul.

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