Saturday, December 3, 2022

Iran Denies Reports on Suspension of Trade with UAE

The Trade Promotion Organization of Iran has denied reports carried by some media that trade relations between Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are going through a rough patch.

The organization noted the trend of mutual trade transactions are as before, and only health protocols have been put in place given the coronavirus pandemic.

“Except for adopting measures with regards to compliance with health protocols in some of its ports, the UAE government has taken no new action to enforce restrictions on imports,” said the organization in an announcement.

“Such measures are not only no impediment to Iran’s exports to that country, but have also given assurances to the governments of both sides with regards to observing actions that would guarantee the health of trade authorities and citizens of both countries,” the organization added.

Based on this announcement, with the coronavirus outbreak, the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran drew up special trade health protocols in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Ministry of Roads and Transportation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Accordingly, Iran proposed to neighbouring countries, including the UAE, that these protocols be enforced, so that they will be given assurances of Iran’s exported commodities. Therefore, the coronavirus outbreak would have the least impact on trade with neighbouring countries.

The comments came after reports that the UAE has resumed its trade ties with all its neighbours except Iran following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, raising speculations that Abu Dhabi is severing its ties with Tehran.

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