Monday, January 24, 2022

Iran Builds Laboratory Space Suit for Sub-Orbital Missions

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A group of Iranian researchers have designed and built a laboratory space suit for sub-orbital missions, media reports said.



The suit is a combination of hi-tech systems protecting the astronaut inside cabinet at the time of any possible problem, the Iranian students’ news agency reported.

The suit is so important that the astronauts have no chance to survive without using it at the time of problems. Otherwise, they will be anesthetized and their brain will collapse in less than 4 minutes.

The cabinet’s environmental conditions is the same as the earth in space mission, but in case there is a problem in the oxygen system, adjusting pressure and temperature, the astronaut needs to use the suit.

The sub-orbital suit adjusts body pressure, body temperature, provides oxygen and keeps the astronaut from fire and atmospheric pollution and attraction.

The suit includes dehumidifiers clothing, pressure clothing, cooling and anti-fire systems, communication system, gloves and boots, vital signs and alarm sensors.



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