Iran Advises No Resistance Group to Act against US: Spokesman

Iran Says Ready for Prisoner Swap with US without Preconditions

Spokesman for the Iranian Government Ali Rabiei says that the US officials are afraid that the resistance groups in the region will take revenge on them, but Iran has not recommended anyone take proxy measures against the US.

Referring to the aftermaths of assassination by the US of General Qassem Soleimani, Rabei said “the Americans did something which they did not think would bring on so much alarm … These gamblers [the US officials] reveal whatever they have at once and have no conception of another alternative move.” Fars News Agency quoted Rabiei as saying.

We have always stated our measures transparently and clearly, such as the operation we did in Ain al-Assad [the US military base in Iraq], shooting down the US drone and seizing the British ship, Rabiei said.

He added if the US wishes to remove its worries “it can send a message to the sates in the region through leaving the region.”

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