Interpol issues red notice for Iranian iPhone sales co. owner amid fraud allegations

In a recent development, Interpol has issued a global "red notice" for Amirhossein Sharifian, the owner of Korosh Company, following allegations of fraudulent activities involving iPhone sales.

Saeed Montazerul-Mahdi, the spokesperson for the Law Enforcement Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, confirmed the issuance of the red notice.

Korosh Company, known for its iPhone sales, engaged in an extensive advertising campaign through influencers and renowned artists.

The company made bold promises to consumers, pledging to sell iPhones valued between 300 to 450 million rials for a reduced price of 200 million.

This pricing strategy purportedly involved cutting out intermediaries and directly delivering the mobile devices to customers. Consequently, the company received pre-purchase payments from citizens, capitalizing on the appeal of the seemingly favorable deals.

As news of the company’s offerings spread rapidly across cyberspace and social networks, a significant number of individuals purchased iPhones from the company.

Sharifian then fled the country without delivering the iPhones, prompting a sea of lawsuits filed against him in the Iranian Judiciary.

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