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Instagram Facts You Need to Know to Enhance Your Business

Did you know that there are almost 1 billion active users on Instagram? This number does not reflect the total number of users; instead, these are monthly active users. 

Half of these users are regular on a daily basis who hits nearly 4.2 billion likes per day. Don’t be surprised by the numbers. Is your product or post one among many that grab the attention of the users? Some users earn and get thousands of customers from their Instagram account. The majority of the customers are from the age group between 18-35. Among the users, 52% are female and 48% are male users. These numbers are desirable; therefore, Instagram is an essential platform for business development. The strategic marketing and positioning of your business are important. Particularly to the companies from the US because 73% of teenagers are active on Instagram. You can get better clientele from Instagram, where also 140million of the daily users are engaged in online shopping through Instagram.

You can enhance your business by improving your visibility by getting more likes, following the best business practices, and reaching your customers. Here are some important insights regarding enhancing your visibility and getting business from Instagram. 

First Thing First, Set Your Goals

Setting goals is crucial for any business. If you are a new start-up or an existing venture, you need to know your plans. While starting your Instagram account, you need to be very clear about the goals that you want to achieve from the Instagram account. Remember, set SMART goals (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based).   

Create your Profile

Creating a profile on Instagram is very easy. Choose an attractive name, or you can keep your existing company name. The logo must be very attractive. Remember to choose the colors of your logo as per your target audience. Furthermore, you can add a brief description of your business in your bio. Once your profile is live, you can convert it to a business profile at any time. By converting your profile to a business segment, you will update your contact information and upload links to your website or share your physical address. Furthermore, you can link your other social media pages/accounts with Instagram. 

Post Regularly

You will have to build your profile to attract followers. It would be best if you are regular in posting. Do not post all at once; instead, post regularly and daily (2-5 posts per day are ideal). 

Use Attractive and Consistent Colors and Font

While creating a post, you must keep the color scheme attractive (as per the target age group). You will have to be consistent with the color and font scheme. These colors and font schemes will later become your identity, and the Insta users will recognize them quickly. It is easy to keep your business recognizable with the help of a similar layout. However, sometimes, it may feel redundant and your follower might ignore it. So, you must be careful in this regard. 

Hashtags are Key to Success

Choosing the right Hashtags are crucial to success. Mostly, Instagram users search for a similar pattern of hashtags. These hashtags work like keywords. You will be able to attract traffic with the most famous and relevant hashtags. Users will be able to find your business and photos that they are searching for on Instagram. Various websites publish an updated list of the most relevant hashtags. Use as many hashtags as you like, ideally between 10 to 20 hashtags related to your business and products. 

Monitor the Response

You need to monitor the response you get through each post. The likes will help you analyze your progress and response rate. See which posts are working well and you can always view the analytics to monitor responses. It is all about engagement; likes and comments are major insight for decision making. You can always edit the hashtags if you want. For business profiles, Instagram analytics offers more in-depth insight with a focus on trends. You can always increase visibility with ‘buy Instagram likes,’ buy Instagram auto like,’ ‘buy Instagram followers’, and ‘buy Instagram view.’

Buy Instagram Auto Likes from a reliable source

Several websites offer to buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram auto likes, buy Instagram followers, and buy Instagram views. However, we recommend you These are Instagram likes from real people who will help you in increasing engagement. The higher number of likes means the post will get the attention of more users. Similarly, Buy Instagram Followers will ensure maximum reach. Your presence on Instagram will increase and will increase your engagement. It is just like marketing and you will be able to reach a new audience. You can buy Instagram auto likes between 50 to 10,000. 

Timing for Posting is Very Important

A small analysis of user activities is critical. You can effectively engage the Insta community at the time they are active the most. Posting at the peak time will increase your engagements. Connect with your audience when they are engaged and you can interact with them most effectively. If you post during off-peak hours, your post will be lost. Remember, there are millions of posts every day and your product needs to be visible. 

Quick Replies to Comments

As discussed regarding posting timing, responding to the comments received on your posts is equally important. You must quickly respond and should not delay your response. It is statistically proven that the companies/brands that respond promptly to the audience receive more business and positive word of mouth. 

Instagram Ads

Promotion/marketing is key to any business. You can optimize your business with the help of Instagram ads. You can reach faster to the target group/audience with an increase in your business sales. Do try it. It is not expensive and doesn’t require significant ads development skills. 

Follow the Influential Instagrammers

Follow popular businesses, people, and influential Instagrammers. By following a similar business, you will get more likes and followers. You can always find it mutually beneficial. Moreover, you can approach the influential Instagrammers for branding, product review, and Vlogs on your products. This will give a massive boost to your business. 

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