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Inflation to slip below 20 percent by March 2015

President Rouhani says his government is determined to fulfill its promise to shore up the economy and cling to the rights of the Iranian people.

Fars News Agency on August 20, 2014 quoted President Hassan Rouhani as telling a crowd in the northwestern province of Ardebil that his government is determined to push down inflation even further. Here is an excerpt of a report the news agency ran on day one of the president’s provincial tour of Ardebil:

President Rouhani told the crowd at Takhti Sports Stadium that his government is trying its best to fulfill its promise to salvage the economy, revive ethics in society and resume constructive interaction with the international community. […]

He further said the country’s economic growth which stood at minus 6.8 percent in the 12 months to March 2013 is expected to land in positive territory by yearend [March 21, 2015].

On the impeachment of his minister of science, research and technology [which was in progress as he spoke], the president said his government will respect whatever verdict parliament deputies hand down. […]

As for nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1, the president stated the nation’s veteran diplomats who represent the country at the talks will stand up for Iranian rights and make sure peace of mind and welfare makes a comeback to the country. […]

Shifting to regional issues, the president denounced the Israeli shelling of innocent Palestinians as “unacceptable” and said Tehran stands by Palestinian, Iraqi, Syrian and other Muslim nations who seek Iranian assistance. […]

Mr. Rouhani blamed the displacement of millions of Iraqis throughout their country on disunity and said at this juncture all Muslims should join forces to help security and stability return to Iraq and to the wider region. […]

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