Tuesday, February 7, 2023

How Invisalign Treatment Works

If you are coming across the word “Invisalign” for the first time, here is what it is: a transparent dental brace alternative that can be used to help you straighten your teeth.

The major advantage Invisalign has over dental braces is that it is transparent, hence people can hardly tell that the wearer has anything on. Think of it as an escape from the traditional ugly-looking metal that has been the go-to device orthodontists have been using since as far back as anyone can remember.

Here are some facts you might want to know about this technology:

  • It is colourless and practically invisible to people every when the wearer is baring their teeth.
  • The device is custom made for each individual, hence fits almost perfectly over the wearers teeth.
  • Solves a wide range of dental problems such as gapped teeth, underbites, overbites and more.

What Invisalign Treatment Looks Like

  1. You consult your dentist (usually an orthodontist) and request for Invisalign
  2. Your doctor schedules a date to perform a digital scan on your mouth so as to obtain the exact digital images of each of your teeth in 3-D.
  3. Afterwards, these images are used to create custom transparent aligners (Invisalign) for you
  4. You wear the set of aligners and return form another set every 2 weeks (depending on your doctor’s treatment plan)
  5. Procedure 1 to 4 are repeated for about 12 months for adults, and within this time, the teeth straightens.

Who can Use This Treatment?

The makers of this device say it can be used by practically anyone in need of dental alignment. This ranges from children to teenagers to adults – although treatment regime and practices varies for each category.  Perhaps what is more important here is the fact that this product can work on anyone as it isn’t something that is generally mass-produced and released into the markets.

But owing to the level of sophistication required to fit Invisalign, dentists often get extra training on how to use the device. As you may have perceived, it is not just about who can provide the device but who can actually professionally fit it on patients in your location. “So where can I get “Invisalign” treatment in Birmingham?” you may ask. “Can Miami dentists provide Invisalign treatment?” You may wonder. It you will never know until you walk into a dentist’s practice and ask if she or he renders that service.


Dental technology is improving and we can only hope that things get better in the nearest future. The Invisalign technology is relatively recent and seem bent on retiring braces or at least turning them from the only option to one of the options. It is designed based on certain critical factors: that people are tired of wearing conspicuous metallic braces which can often make them look like weirdos; that people are more comfortable with plastics in comparison to metals so long the plastics are hard enough to yield the desired effects, and that a transparent alternative to braces will improve the confidence of the patient even as it adds extra flavor to their sense of fashion. Have you used Invisalign in the past or do you hope to give it a try in the future? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.

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