Saturday, May 18, 2024

Former Afghan FM: Unthinkable Taliban will cut ties with Qaeda

Afghanistan's former foreign minister Salahuddin Rabani has-dismissed the possibility of Afghanistan's Taliban rulers cutting ties with the al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Rabani said such an issue is unthinkable and near impossible.

He added that part of the Taliban’s war machine is dependent on members of foreign extremist groups.

Rabbani added that if the Taliban try to contradict the objectives of the extremists, they will lose them.

He noted that al-Qaeda and the Taliban have been fighting alongside each other against the people of Afghanistan and the governments in Kabul since the 1990s.

Rabbani said it’s part of the Taliban’s raison d’etre to be linked with terrorists.

The former top diplomat of Afghanistan also said he even doubted about the Taliban’s claim that they are against the Daesh terror group.

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