Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Footprints of moles seen in assassinations in Iran: Lawmaker

Iran’s enemies have Iranian spies and moles who have sold themselves out and who help foes carry out assassinations inside the country, an Iranian lawmaker says.

Jabbar Kouchakinejad, a member of Parliament for the city of Rasht, told Fars news agency on Wednesday that homegrown spies had helped Iran’s enemies.

“In the assassinations that have taken place [in Iran], the fingerprints of the enemy’s spies and moles in the country can be seen, since these people plan to cause disturbances and insecurity through these blind assassinations,” Kouchakinejad said.

“It is really regrettable that some act to sell out their homeland in pursuit of personal gain,” he added. “Such people are prepared to do anything to meet their personal interests, and the information that they pass on to the enemy is not accurate because, firstly, they haven’t gotten to know our nation well, and, secondly, they are only after pursuing and meeting their interests with some information.”

He said the homegrown spies also sought a goal of driving a wedge between the Iranian people and government.

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