Thursday, December 8, 2022

Fajr Visual Arts Festival Underway in Iran

The 12th edition of Fajr Visual Arts Festival of Iran is gearing up for a closing ceremony after exhibiting more than 900 works of art.

The 12th Fajr Visual Arts Festival kicked off in ‘Saba Cultural and Art Institute’ in Tehran on February 19 and is going to end on Friday, February 28.

More than 900 works of art were competing in the Fajr Visual Arts Festival in various fields, including painting, graphic art, photography, sculpture, ceramics, calligraphy, Persian miniature, illustration, animation, caricature, and modern art.

The festival included diverse sections, such as ‘Golden Tooba’, ‘Art Crossroads’ and ‘Chaharkhaneh’ in the provincial cities, as well as the sections on research, the revered figures, and the commemorative events.

The Golden Tooba section saw competition among 448 works of art created by 338 artists. For the first time in the history of the festival, the works of art exhibited in the Golden Tooba section were put up for sale after hearing the participants’ views.

The Art Crossroads section focused on the activities of the art galleries in Tehran and the provincial cities and the display and sale of the works of arts created by the artists of those galleries, while the Chaharkhaneh section involved forums for discussion about photography in the provinces of Iran.

Following are a number of photos of the Golden Tooba section, exhibiting works of art in Persian miniature, calligraphy and illustration, published by Honar Online news agency:

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