Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Ex-Iran ambassador to Baku: Israel and West trying to turn Azerbaijan into another Ukraine for Iran

Former Iranian ambassador to Baku says the Zionist regime and the West are plotting to turn the Republic of Azerbaijan into another Ukraine for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mohsen Pakaeen, told Entekhab News Outlet, Iran is however vigilant and will not play into the hands of the adversaries.

Pakaeen noted that Azerbaijan has forged unity with the Zionist regime because it’s isolated in the Caucasus region due to its expansionist policies, just like Israel in the Middle East.

He said even Turkey cannot accept Azerbaijan’s moves to violate the territorial integrity of other countries. Pakaeen also cautioned that the closure of the Azeri embassy in Tehran means that diplomatic pathways are ossified and this is not in the interest of Azerbaijan.

Pakaeen said if the current deadlock in Iran and Azerbaijan ties is not resolved, it’s going to be Azeri diplomats’ fault.

Tensions have been mounting between Iran and Azerbaijan in recent months. Several days ago, Azerbaijan expelled 4 Iranian Embassy staffers after describing them as persona non grata.

This came after Baku claimed that it had arrested six people in connection with an assassination plot against an Azeri MP. It also claimed that Tehran was involved in the plot.
The Israeli foreign minister has recently talked about a “united front” involving Israel and Azerbaijan against Iran.

Tehran has repeatedly warned the Republic of Azerbaijan against letting Israel divide Tehran and Baku.

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