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Deleting Pages from PDF File with PDF Bear’s Online Tool

Splitting and Deleting PDF pages are somehow similar to each other, but the difference is that in splitting PDF pages, you are taking or copying some pages that you find necessary to a new PDF file.

When you say you are going to delete PDF pages, you’re removing pages you find unnecessary from the original PDF.

The other purpose of deleting PDF pages is if you don’t want other people to see those specific pages, you will want to delete them. To delete specific pages from a PDF, you will need a deleting tool for your PDF file.

If you are looking for a deleting tool, you can find a lot on the internet through your browser’s search bar. However, not all websites with these tools are authentic and trustworthy. If you are looking for a website where you can do this for free is PDF Bear.

With PDF Bear, you can delete specific pages from the original PDF file in just a few easy steps. In their site, you can see steps on how to delete pages below the PDF page remover or delete tool so you can guide yourself.

PDF Bear’s Delete Pages Tool

The first thing you need to do on how to delete pages from pdf is that you will have to select or drag the file from your computer or device’s folder into the page’s uploading space. After choosing your PDF file, you will choose or input the page numbers that you want to modify and remove.

After deleting, you can apply changes and wait for the process to complete. When the new PDF file is ready, you can save it to your computer or your device. You will also have the option to upload or export it to your Dropbox or Google Drive.

Why PDF Bear?

With PDF Bear, you can delete or remove specific pages from your PDF file quickly and efficiently. They will ensure that their client’s privacy is protected since they will delete your files after an hour after you have generated your new PDF file. If you want more information regarding privacy, you can always head to their Privacy Policy.

Their tools are easy to understand so that if you are in a rush to delete specific pages before presenting or sending it to other people, you can delete them any time using PDF Bear’s delete pages tool in just a few clicks.

PRO Membership

You can access PDF Bear’s PDF to JPG converter device for free, but access to their tools and features is limited. Because of that, you won’t receive the best in return. Nonetheless, you can always avail of their PRO membership, which has unlimited access to their tools.

The perks that you will get as a PRO Member is that you will not be restricted to unlimited access, and you will be able to do as many tasks as you can. You will also be given a chance to upload or convert PDF files with large file sizes. With PDF Bear, you will receive an unlimited amount of OCR tasks.

Subscribing to PDF Bear’s PRO Membership will only cost you 14.99 USD a month. In other words, you will only be paying 0.7 cents a day. You can also avail of their annual membership for 99.99 USD so that you can save up to 66% instead of paying monthly.


With today’s technology, there are a lot of things that you can do in just a few moments or under five minutes. We can finish and accomplish our tasks and projects with no problems, and we won’t have to do it manually.

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