Saturday, May 18, 2024

Countering Iran’s aerial attack costs Israel $1.35bln: Report

Tel Aviv's interception of dozens of Iranian missiles and drones overnight cost Israel up to 5 billion shekels  ($1.35 billion), Israeli media reported on Sunday.

The daily Yedioth Ahronoth quoted Brig. Gen. Ram Aminach, the former financial advisor to the Israeli chief of staff, as saying that “the cost of defense last night was estimated at between 4-5 billion shekels ($1.08-1.35B)”.

“I am only talking about interception to what the Iranians launched and not injuries that were marginal this time,” he stated.

“One ‘Arrow’ missile used to intercept an Iranian ballistic missile costs $3.5 million, while the cost of one ‘Magic Wand’ missile is $1 million, in addition to the sorties of aircraft that participated in intercepting the Iranian drones,” Aminach added.

Earlier on Sunday, the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz quoted the Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari as saying that about 350 missiles and drones were launched from Iran at Israel, most of which were intercepted.

On Sunday, Iranian Armed forces launched hundreds of missiles and drones at military bases in the occupied territories in retaliation for Israel’s April 1 terrorist strike on Tehran’s diplomatic mission in Syria’s Damascus.

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