Civil War May Erupt in US If Trump Loses Nov. Elections: Analyst

Civil War May Erupt in US If Trump Loses Nov. Elections: Analyst

A political analyst says there is every chance of a civil strife and security crisis breaking out in the United States should the incumbent president fail to secure a re-election.

Amirali Abolfat’h said such developments are likely to happen if US President Donald Trump loses the upcoming presidential ballot.

“Now, it is not only the issue of the US presidential election which is important; rather, domestic security in the United States is a serious matter, too. Even many political observers believe there is a serious chance of civil war erupting in the US. So, Trump’s losing the election trigger unexpected events,” said the analyst in an interview with Iranian news website Entekhab.

“Apparently, the Democrats have put ‘voting by mail’ on their agenda due to the coronavirus outbreak and the fact that many voters won’t risk their lives taking part in the election; however, many Republicans, and Donald Trump himself, are concerned that the election could be marred by fraud and irregularities. They argue that votes could be lost when sent to the post office, or the votes may not be delivered on time, or that ballot papers could be marred by irregularities,” he said.

“Apparently, Trump is concerned that voter turnout in pro-Democrat states will be high, but fewer voters will go to the polls in Republican states where election is not held via mail, which could see him lost the ballot,” the analyst said.

“At this juncture, the key point is not only Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential election; rather, Republicans’ major concern and fear is that in parallel with Trump’s defeat in the election, the Democrats may secure a majority in the Senate. It would be a major disaster for Republicans if Democrats gain control of both Congress and the White House,” said the analyst.

Republicans know well that if such a scenario happens, many of the plans and programs approved by Trump’s conservative administration will be taken off the agenda,” he noted.

“At this juncture, the American society has become deeply polarized and we can describe the future conditions as a powder keg,” he said.

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  1. Well it’s Nov. 2020 and it’s really a mess! I hope it won’t be a war but we’ll just split into two countries without bloodshed!!!

  2. It only takes a few thousand to start a Civil War. Hope everyone is prepared. Got a years supply of food? Many Conservatives do and they have protection as well. The left better pray there is never a war.

  3. It will and the left has no chance. The right is too well prepared, trained and gunned up. All they have to do is take down one major bridge to a large Democratic city and the left will be crying to end it as the videos of the gangs the left protect take down liberals in the streets and pillar, burn and loot for food. Not one shot will have to go out. The right will win. No doubt.

  4. There are people on both the right and left that would love to start a civil war. Most centrists however are waiting to see what happens after the election. I feel that both right and left have forgotten about what the center may do if they decide to fight it out. Most people in the middle are tired of both sides and will likely squash them both along with the United States military. It would probably be best if people on the right and left go back to playing call of duty and forget about trying to start a civil war. It just won’t work here in the United States. We will defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. This includes both domestic jackasses on the right and left. I guess I will see you dumbasses on the battlefield after the election. By the way, thanks for ruining the last few years of our lives. It will be an absolute pleasure to watch you all get crushed by the real soldiers. Good luck, your gonna need it…..

    • Try again pussy, come marching your retard doped ass up the hill and find out your carcass serves as only a warning to both foreign and domestic cunts who think their army boys who were discharged for being a worthless cunt. Or maybe your a activist with a dipshit helmet acting tough toward people who aren’t wired the way real men are. Either way Come see who gets squashed out. Test this American redblooded man and his kin!

  5. It’s funny but I remember back in the 1950s when the loony John Birch Society yelled about an agent of Moscow in the White House. Well it took some decades, but they were right. Hopefully Americans will wake up and realize this serial, incompetent liar someone who cares about nothing but power to fill his own diseased brain, has to go. McConnell, who sold his soul a long time ago, is another one who would ruin this nation. Here’s to recovering our beloved America. Perhaps it will be great again when grown-ups are in charge.

  6. There will be a civil war and fuck Iran. The democrats are trying everything to win the election. Why is Google so pro Democrat your transparent


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