Wednesday, December 7, 2022

City Art Rejuvenates Tehran in Lead-up to Persian New Year

An annual arts event has opened in the Iranian capital, Tehran, to welcome the Persian New Year Nowruz, which is just days away.

The 4th Annual Baharestan Urban Arts Festival arranged by an organization tasked with beautifying the capital city is underway across Tehran. It has different sections such as “coloured eggs, little walls of my little city, environmental arts, installation art and statues.”

Baharestan is an event held in the run-up to Nowruz (the start of the Persian New Year). The festival involves urban arts.

Kianoosh Gharibpour is a member of the event’s policy-making committee which is also tasked with choosing top works of art presented at the festival.

He says the event is held just days before Nowruz, and, hence, it is welcomed by citizens and artists as a national festival.

The event is important in that it paves the way for young artists, so that they will be able to display their works of art in public. It will help enhance artists’ skills and upgrade citizens’ visual literacy.

The following are photos of the event posted on

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