Sunday, January 23, 2022

‘Citizenship Culture’ Book Unveiled in Iran

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The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Minister of Education Mohsen Haji-Mirzaei has unveiled a 26-volume book entitled ‘Citizenship Culture’ in the city of Tabriz.

In a ceremony on Thursday, attended by the Iranian deputy Interior Minister and the Leader’s representative in the East Azarbaijan Province, Minister of Education Mohsen Haji-Mirzaei unveiled the 26-volume ‘Citizenship Culture’ book, compiled and published by the Municipality of Tabriz.

The Education Minister also unveiled the comprehensive plan for teaching citizenship in the schools of Tabriz.

The Citizenship Culture books have been compiled by the Cultural and Social Department of Municipality of Tabriz in cooperation with the Environment and Sustainable Development House of Tabriz.

The book has employed the latest training methods in the world, and will be taught in 2,249 schools and 13,000 classes across Tabriz.

The Education Ministry has distributed 353,700 volumes of the Citizenship Culture book among the schools of Tabriz, including 322,000 books for the students in different grades and 32,000 teacher’s guidebooks.

More than 1,000 teachers and educators working at the preschools and elementary schools of Tabriz as well as the instructors at the Tabriz Municipality’s cultural centers have received training in teaching the book.

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