Saturday, December 3, 2022

CIA Documents on Iran’s Links to Al-Qaeda ‘Shameless Fabrication’

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has rapped the newly-released CIA documents which accuse the Islamic Republic of being linked to the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.

In a Saturday statement, Qassemi has reacted to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s release of documents pertaining to Al-Qaeda some of which contain accusations that Iran has ties to the terrorist group.

“Although US authorities have not yet made any comments on these alleged documents, the American government and intelligence agencies have a dark record of fabricating such documents and deceiving the world public opinion and even American people to achieve their political and strategic objectives,” said Qassemi.

“Such moves are a clear example of shamelessly fabricating documents in order to prove the US president’s groundless remarks against the Islamic Republic of Iran and to use them for domestic consumption,” the spokesman highlighted, adding that such documents have no other value.
“There is no doubt that such futile propaganda campaigns by American intelligence services are only aimed at saving some of the United States’ allies in the Middle East region which are seriously gripped by multiple domestic and regional crises, and those in the international community that have a conscience have no doubts about their (US allies’) role in creating and ideologically training terrorist groups in the past two decades,” said the spokesman.

“Levelling such accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran is completely irrelevant, farcical and unfounded, and releasing them ahead of November 4, the day Iranian people express their opposition to the US government’s policies and decades of interference in our country, shows that such campaigns against our country lack any credit and value,” he said.

He then touched upon the current US statesmen’s misleading American people regarding the role that some of Washington’s allies played in the September 11 attacks in which around three thousand American citizens were killed.

“While the US government intentionally refuses to release a full report by the national 9/11 commission and shed light on the real perpetrators behind the incident, the publication of such illusionary and fabricated documents will not change the proven international belief regarding what countries in the region are ideologically feeding terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, and what country or countries have contributed to their formation and have offered them military, political and logistical support,” Qassemi said.

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