Tuesday, November 29, 2022

“Certain Countries Claiming to Be against Terrorists Actually Backed Them”

Iran’s defence minister says those falsely claiming to be fighting terrorism actually supported and helped them.

Brigadier General Amir Hatami says the period of fighting against ISIS was a historic one and taught us lessons because Iran and Iraq could tell friend from foe during their struggles and got to identify those who falsely claimed they were fighting ISIS.

Speaking in a Wednesday meeting with Iraq’s communications minister in Baghdad, Hatami said during that period, many governments claimed that they wanted to fight ISIS.

“But in practice, many of those governments managed terrorists to achieve their objectives,” he said.

The Iranian defence chief said his trip to Iraq comes at a time when the country’s security, social and economic situation is ameliorating following the annihilation of the ISIS terror group.

He touched upon the violent attacks by ISIS in Iraq, saying, “In recent years, Iraqi people have endured massive sufferings and hardship while fighting Takfiri and terrorist groups.’

“Thank God, Iraq is in a more stable situation today,” added the top general.

“The ISIS terror group has practically been defeated in Iraq and has lost the territory it had occupied,” Iran’s defence minister noted.

He said Iraq owes its victory over ISIS to the unity between its nation, government and army as well as the support of the country’s top religious figures.

He said Iran is honestly determined to support all regional nations, especially the people of Iraq and Syria.

“Unfortunately, some are launching psychological warfare to promote Iranophobia and fear of Shiites in the region, but the developments in the region showed all those claims were sheer lies, and that the Islamic Republic of Iran has the best interests of oppressed and regional nations at heart,” the top general noted.

The defence chief said Tehran’s fundamental policy is to bring nations closer together and boost regional interaction and solidarity.

“We think of Iraq’s reconstruction as the continuation of the path to reinforce and upgrade Iraq’s power and the war on terror, and we will stand by Iraqi people during rebuilding efforts as we do believe in what we’re doing,” he said.

The Iraqi communications minister, in turn, appreciated Iran’s efforts in helping the Iraqi government and people fight and crack down on terrorist groups, namely ISIS. He said Iran has adopted fundamental and strategic policies vis-à-vis his country, and that the Iraqi people and government will never forget Tehran’ support in combating terrorism.

He asked Iran to stay with the Iraqi nation during the country’s reconstruction as it stood by Iraq in fighting the ISIS terrorist group.

He said the security of Iran and Iraq are important for the region, saying a lack of stability and insecurity could trigger instability in the region and across the world.

The Iraqi official called for the enhancement of technical cooperation between Iran’s Defence Ministry and the Iraqi Communications Ministry, expressing hope mutual relations will further expand soon.

At the end, the two signed a memorandum of understanding on technical cooperation between Iran’s Defence Ministry and the Iraqi Communications Ministry.

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