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Cauliflower Stew; A Nutrient Dish Indigenous to Iran

Cauliflower stew is an original Iranian stew cooked with a variety of red and white meats. This stew is one of the most nutrient Iranian dietary dishes that can be beneficial for many families.

In addition to its unique taste and its many properties, this stew is a very healthy option for your family. High fiber plants such as cauliflower are very useful for the body and especially for the digestive system. Cauliflower can be used in a variety of ways, both in the form of cooked foods and raw.

Considering the many benefits of this delicious plant, we will try to introduce you to the method of preparing a delicious, low-calorie stew.


Onion: A large one

Cauliflower: A small one

Verjuice: 1 tbsp

Liquid oil: As much as needed

Meat: 300 grams

Tomato paste: 2 tbsps

Salt, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon: As much as needed

Cauliflower Stew; A Nutrient Dish Indigenous to Iran


To prepare the cauliflower stew, first chop the onion. Let the oil heat slightly, then add the chopped onion and sauté. Once the onions are soft, add some turmeric and continue to sauté. In the next step, chop the meat and add to the pot.

Sauté the meat and onions till they change colour. Next, add the tomato paste, along with some cinnamon and black pepper, and re-fry the ingredients until the tomato paste becomes crispy. Then add a few glasses of boiled water and put the cap. Gently heat the stew to cook slowly.

Next, you need to prepare the cauliflower. Cut it into the desired pieces. Do not chop into very small pieces because it will crush quickly and ruin the appearance of the stew. Pour a little oil in a pan and sauté the cauliflower.

After the meat is fully cooked, add the cauliflower to the stew with some salt and pepper and allow the stew to slightly cook.

If you want to make your dish a little sour, you can also use a tablespoon of lemon powder.

Another important thing about this stew is that after you add the cauliflower, the stew should not stay on the heat for a long time because the delicate texture of the cauliflower may crumble.

When the stew is ready serve it with bread or rice.

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