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Iraq rejects normalization with Israel

Baghdad doesn’t plan to normalize ties with Israel, Iraq’s Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said. The top diplomat has also confirmed US combat forces will leave the country at the end of the year.

Yemen vows to proceed with more anti-Saudi strkes

A senior Yemeni official has warned Saudi Arabia of “more painful and crippling” counterattacks in case Riyadh presses ahead with its war and siege against its neighbor.

Abbas: US to fulfill commitments under Biden

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called on the Biden administration to live up to its commitments regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

Israeli troops kill Palestinian in Jerusalem

Israeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian man in the Old City of al-Quds. It comes amid tensions over settlement expansion plans and forced expulsion of Palestinian families.

“Israel nabs over 1,100 Palestinian kids in 2021”

Israeli forces have detained more than 1,100 Palestinian children since the beginning of this year, according to a Palestinian rights group.  

Turkish jets launch missile strike in northern Iraq

Turkish warplanes have heavily bombed purported hideouts of the Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq.

“US military mission in Iraq to be completed in 2021”

The United States will end its military mission in Iraq before the end of this year, the Pentagon has confirmed.

“70% of Lebanese cannot afford medicine”

70 percent of the Lebanese cannot afford buying medicine following the lifting of subsidies and the sharp increase in prices, head of Lebanon’s parliamentary health committee Asem Araji has confirmed.

“Saudi airbase, Aramco under Yemen drone attacks”

The Yemeni army says they have launched a large-scale military operation inside Saudi Arabia, hitting the kingdom’s Khaled airbase and Aramco refinery. The "Eighth Deterrence Operation" was carried out by 14 drones.

Iran urges UN to put spotlight on Israeli crimes

Iran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva has called on the UN to focus on heinous war crimes, crimes against humanity and blatant violations of human rights committed by Israel.