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US Lying that No Restrictions Put on Food, Drug Import: Iran

Iran Reduced Commitments after US Failed to Fulfil Obligations: VP

The Iranian first vice president says the country scaled down its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), after the US reneged on its obligations under the agreement.

Actions Taken by Biden Administration ‘Extremely Insufficient’: Iran

The Iranian government spokesman says the actions taken by the new US administration so far are not enough, urging Washington to walk the walk to make up for the wrong policies of the White House under former President Donald Trump.
Iran's Rouhani Urges National Unity in Aftermath of US Economic War

Iran’s Rouhani Urges National Unity in Aftermath of US Economic War

The Iranian president says “unity and having one voice” is the top priority in the era following the United States’ economic war against the country.

US Move to Withdraw Snapback Claim Shows Failure of Maximum Pressure: Iran

A senior Iranian official says the United States’ announcing that it has abandoned efforts to activate the so-called “snapback” mechanism means its economic war and maximum pressure policy against the Iranian nation has failed.

Iran Confirms Exchange of Message with US on Prisoner Swap

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has confirmed media reports about an exchange of message between Tehran and Washington over a prisoner swap.

Iran Won’t Join Any Negotiations Unless US Sanctions Lifted: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has told Press TV in an exclusive interview that the Islamic Republic will be open to negotiations on reviving the historic 2015 nuclear accord once all signatories begin fulfilling their obligations.

US Likely to Change Stance on Iran, Lift Sanctions: Analyst

An international relations expert says observers believe the US is highly likely to change tack in dealing with Iran, echoing remarks by Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei, who said recently that Washington would soon lift sanctions against Iran.

Iran to Launch Direct Shipping Routes to South Africa, Latin America

An Iranian official says the country will launch a direct shipping route to South Africa and then on to Latin America.
US Lying that No Restrictions Put on Food, Drug Import: Iran

Trump Administration’s Actions Disgraced US Worldwide: Iran

The Iranian vice president says the United States lost all grace across the world as a result of actions by its former President Donald Trump.
Iran Vows to Respond If US Makes Any New Strategic Mistake

Iran’s Gov’t Spokesman Predicts US Sanctions Will Be Lifted Soon

The Iranian government spokesman says the country forecasts "with certainty" that sanctions imposed by Washington against Iran will soon be removed.