Saturday, September 30, 2023


Poll shows Americans’ trust in US military lowest in two decades, citing poor pull-out from Iraq and Afghanistan

Public confidence in the US military has been constantly in decline over the past five years and it is now at its lowest level in two decades, a recent opinion poll shows. Gallup has linked the decline to the United States' poorly executed withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Taliban, US diplomats hold first official talks since Afghanistan takeover

Taliban leaders have met with US officials in the Qatari capital Doha for the first time since their return to power in Afghanistan two years ago.

Russia does not want military clash with US, but ready for any scenario: Putin

Russia is ready for any scenario, but does not want a direct military clash with the US, Russian President Vladimir Putin said when asked about the US's provocations in Syria.

Russia says US media ignoring Biden’s mental deterioration

The US media are ignoring the reality of US President Joe Biden’s deteriorating mental capacity, instead of being honest about it, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has stated.

Deal may be in offing between Saudi Arabia and Israel: Biden

US President Joe Biden has stated that an agreement may be on the way with Riyadh after talks that his national security adviser had with Saudi officials in Jeddah aimed at reaching a normalization in relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

US lawmakers, rights groups urge Biden to withhold military aid to Egypt

A group of US senators and rights activists has urged the Biden administration to withhold a larger portion of US military aid to Egypt, saying the North African country’s human rights record “has continued to deteriorate” over the past year under President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

US and Taliban officials to meet in Qatar to discuss security and human rights

US officials are set to meet with representatives of the Taliban and "technocratic professionals" from Afghan ministries during a visit to Qatar's Doha this week, the State Department has said. Both sides will discuss security, narcotics  and women's rights.

US pledges to continue military aid to Israel despite judicial overhaul

The US State Department announced that Washington will continue to provide aid to Israel, even as the Knesset passed controversial legislation resulting in increased political control over the judiciary.

No one purchasing Iranian oil stuck off US coast: Report

A cargo of Iranian oil remains stranded off the United States coast because no one buys it despite the fact that Washington has authorized its unloading to ensure that buyers would not face penalties because “it is from a sanctioned country”, according to a report.

US claims Russia building drone-manufacturing facility with Iran’s help

US intelligence officials claim Moscow is building a drone-manufacturing facility in the country with Tehran's help that could have a significant impact on the war in Ukraine once it is completed. Moscow and Tehran have previously denied similar claims.

Pentagon files reveal flaws in US claims about Syrian casualties in Daesh leader raid

Confidential documents provided new details about one of the most celebrated US military operations in recent history — and revealed flaws in the Pentagon's claim that deadly airstrikes on the Daesh leader in Syria did not hit civilians.

US Senate introduces new legislation to boost normalisation with Israel

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has introduced new bill aimed at strengthening normalisation with Israel through proposals with nearly $120m in funding, naming Saudi Arabia as a "key regional partner" that would be eligible for many of those programmes.

Herzog in US a ‘palatable’ cover for Israeli violence against Palestinians: Jewish American groups

Israeli President Isaac Herzog may not be an ally to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or an official part of the Israeli government, but as a representative of Israel, he is complicit in the occupation of and discrimination against Palestinians. This is the message from several progressive Jewish American groups to US politicians as Herzog visits Washington.

US blacklists over a dozen Iraqi banks in dollar smuggling crackdown: Report

The US has banned 14 Iraqi banks from conducting dollar transactions as part of its crackdown on corruption and “dollar smuggling to Iran.”

US rights groups urge congress to pass bill on govt. probe into Al-Jazeera journalist killing

Dozens of progressive policy groups and human rights organisations came together on Tuesday to call on the US Congress to pass a bill that would require the administration of President Joe Biden to investigate the killing of Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

Washington ‘no longer our closest ally’: Ex-Israeli PM

Former Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid says Tel Aviv’s relations with the US have deteriorated so much under the leadership of his successor, Benjamin Netanyahu, adding that Washington is “no longer our closest ally".

Pentagon says will send F-35s, F-16s, warship to Persian Gulf

The US military will send a Navy destroyer along with F-16 and F-35 fighter jets to the Persian Gulf region after “a number of recent alarming events in the Strait of Hormuz” caused by Iran, said a Pentagon spokesperson. Tehran says Iranian naval forces have so far seized 35 ships for violating maritime laws in the waters off the Persian Gulf.

Netanyahu says Biden invited him to White House

US President Joe Biden on Monday invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington for an official visit at a date to be determined, the Israeli prime minister's office announced

Pentagon says considering ‘military options’ against Russia in Syria

The US is weighing a military response to Russia’s presence in the skies over Syria, a Pentagon official has confirmed. Damascus says the US presence in Syria is a violation of its sovereignty.

More US lawmakers join boycott of Israeli president’s speech to Congress

Three more US lawmakers have announced their intentions to boycott Israeli President Isaac Herzog's address to a joint session of Congress next week. It comes after Congresswoman Ilhan Omar announced there would be "no way in hell" she would be in attendance.

US plans to send F-16 jets to Persian Gulf

A senior US defence official has confirmed that Washington is deploying additional fighter jets around the strategic Strait of Hormuz "to protect ships from Iranian seizures". The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iranian naval forces have so far seized 35 ships for violating maritime laws in the waters off the Persian Gulf.

Biden and Erdogan discuss economic and defense priorities

US President Joe Biden congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the agreement reached with the Swedish prime minister over Sweden's NATO membership, according to the White House. They discussed defence priorities and regional stability and security at the NATO Summit.

Moscow to use similar weapons if US supplies cluster bombs to Ukraine: Russian DM

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has warned that Moscow would be forced to use "similar" weapons if the United States supplied cluster bombs to Ukraine, Russian news agencies reported.

US intelligence assessment says Iran not developing nuclear bombs

A US intelligence assessment has refuted claims by the US government and some of its allies that Iran is pursing atomic bombs in its nuclear program, reaffirming its peaceful nature.

Israel “no longer a star” on the American flag: Minister

A hardline Israeli minister has hit out at US President Joe Biden for his recent remarks calling Israel's current government the "most extreme" he's seen in its history, stressing that Israel is "no longer a star" on the American flag.

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