Cabinet to Discuss Bill Equalizing Blood Money for Women, Men: VP

Iran’s Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs has submitted a bill to the Cabinet which calls for equal blood money for both genders, Vice President Massoumeh Ebtekar said.

Speaking to state radio on Tuesday, Ebtekar said the body under her watch has consulted theologians in the Qom Seminary and they have given the green light for the bill.

The vice president said Quran has not explicitly ordered unequal blood money for men and women and fatwas by Muslim jurists are in fact interpretations of related verses in Quran.

Ebtekar said she believes that considering significant changes in the societies in the past decades, related verses need new interpretation.

Given the increased participation of women in the society and their strong presence in the job market, today’s society is quite different and women make significant contributions to the country’s GDP, she said.

For example, she said, over 40 percent of products in Iranian villages and over 75 percent of handicrafts are produced by women.

The bill needs to be confirmed by the Cabinet before being presented to the Iranian parliament.

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