Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Britons Design Creative Trump Blimps to Protest His Visit (+Photos)

British activists and citizens made creative effigies of US President Donald Trump in the capital London to express their protest at his visit to the UK.

London activists were highly involved in arrangements for protests against Trump’s four-day visit to the UK. Designing creative effigies of Trump was among the main measures adopted by the Londoners to express their anti-Trump protests.

Thousands of protesters also marched through the streets of London on Friday as Trump met Prime Minister Theresa May and the Queen earlier on Friday.

Trump travelled to Britain, Washington’s key ally, one and a half years after he took office as president. During his stay, Trump meet with Queen Elizabeth, PM May and other UK officials.

Trump was scheduled to visit Britain in June 2017, but Britons were opposed to his trip because of his anti-Muslim policies and his executive order that banned migrants of some Islamic countries from entering the US.

Objections to Trump’s trip to Britain did not stop there, and those opposing his immigration and other racist policies such as his support for supremacists or right-wing extremists in Britain staged a protest rally in early 2017. They threatened to stage the largest demonstration in the UK’s history if Trump travelled to their country.

Afterwards, Trump’s trip to the UK was postponed several times.

What follows are photos of the blimps flown amid his visit:

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