Friday, January 27, 2023

Bolton Was Enemy of Diplomacy: Iranian Official

President Hassan Rouhani’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi has reacted to the dismissal of US National Security Advisor John Bolton by describing him as the “enemy of diplomacy.”

“Bolton’s hawkish, interventionist and destabilizing policies during the short period of time that he served as US national security advisor finally proved fruitless and failed and resulted in his expulsion from the White House,” Vaezi told reporters on Wednesday after a cabinet session.

“We are glad the development that unfolded in the new US administration did not succeed; the incumbent government thought it could reverse everything and achieve its goals through a radical and hawkish policy,” Vaezi said.

“This is why they had picked Bolton as their national security council, but they were forced to fire him after a while,” he added.

According to the Iranian official, Bolton’s dismissal shows even the radical US administration has reached the conclusion that the era of warmongering and threatening approaches is over, and if it seeks to have interaction with the world, it must choose the path of logic.

“John Bolton has long been a radical and hawkish person, but after being appointed the US national security advisor, he failed to achieve any of his goals,” Vaezi said.

All the measures Bolton took regarding Venezuela, Cuba, and Afghanistan failed, so did his policies against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the president’s chief of staff added.

“John Bolton’s animosity towards Iran was not comparable to his hostility towards other countries, because he was on the payroll of the MKO terrorist organization at the time when he did not have any position in the US government.”

“After taking office in the Trump administration, he used to consult with the MKO and ask their opinion on issues related to Iran,” Vaezi said.

“Bolton wanted the Establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran to no longer exist, but he failed to achieve his goals,” the Iranian official said.

“Thanks to the resistance of the great nation of Iran, we’re witnessing that the people and Establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran are strongly continuing their existence, and those who dreamed of Iran’s destruction are now gone,” he added.

He said the world seems to be welcoming Bolton’s dismissal, as the oil prices decreased on Tuesday. “This shows the one who was hawkish and warmonger is no longer the US national security advisor.”

“The majority of Bolton’s proposals were rejected as Trump says, and those were not just limited to the ones related to Iran; he actually held hawkish policies against all countries.”

“The Trust administration has now entered the presidential race, and thus needs to revise some of its wrong policies in order to give a positive signal to the American people for the next year’s elections; the move to dismiss Bolton seems to be in the same line,” he concluded.

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