Saturday, December 9, 2023

Biden Has Chance to Open Up New Horizon for Ties with Iran: Spokesman

Iran’s government spokesman says the new US administration has the opportunity to create a new prospect for Washington-Tehran relations.

Speaking in a Tuesday press conference, Ali Rabiei urged the new US government not to follow in the footsteps of the Trump administration.

“Rather than acting upon temptations which have no results other than widespread violation of international law and crimes against humanity using ostensibly civilized methods at the expense of jeopardizing global peace and security as well as the interests of Iranian and American people, the new US administration should, by being honest both in word and in deed, and unconditionally, make good on its commitments in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, and delineate new horizons for its relations with Iran and the international community,” he said.

Rabiei said the Biden administration has the chance to make up for the wrong policies of his predecessor.

“Trump will reach the end of the road, and the United States will get a new president, a president who has the chance to a name a representative for the loud voice of American people, for the adjustment of trends which have, at least in the past four years, led to the humiliation, confusion and isolation of the US,” he said.

“Today, a global demand is that the US feel responsible and respect international regulations and norms. The new US government should not selectively compensate for the legacy and, in fact, the disgraceful blot that the previous administration has left behind,” he added.

“Even worse than that legacy would be to make efforts to use it as a tool to put pressure on nations, said Rabiee.

He reiterated that the Iranian nation never capitulated to American pressure.
“The resistance of our people until now must not have left any doubt that pressure and sanctions can never force us into submitting to excessive demands,” he said.

“However, the reality will not change that the ‘maximum pressure’ policy on Iranian people turned into a lasting disgrace in history, not only for those delusional individuals who imposed unprecedented pain and suffering on our innocent people, but for those who contributed to this pain and suffering by fueling this modern savagery in Persian-speaking and non-Persian-speaking media outlets outside Iran,” Rabiee explained.

“People will neither forget nor forgive the perpetrators of, and accomplices to this economic organized crime,” he added.

Rabiei then took a swipe on those who tarnished the image of the Iranian government in the name of criticizing it.

“Regrettably, there were some individuals inside the country who, in the name of criticizing the government and by turning a blind eye to the United States’ criminal behaviour and its destructive consequences on people’s lives, besmirched the image of the government which was at the forefront of this incessant campaign,” said Rabiee.

“But if they were a little fair, they could see that this government not only managed one of the most brilliant periods of economic growth in the years before sanctions were heaped upon our people, but also prevented galloping inflation during this very same period when many expected a very high inflation rate this year,” he said.

“This proper economic management came at a time when the unexpected coronavirus crisis put more burden on the government. Today and tomorrow, our people can fairly judge what is good and what is evil,” he said.

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