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Ayatollah Khamenei to Iraqi president: Iraq’s progress and prosperity important for Iran 

Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in a meeting with the visiting Iraqi president, said the progress, prosperity, independence and promotion of Iraq is very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ayatollah Khamenei added that the expansion of bilateral cooperation and the implementation of the agreements concluded by Tehran and Baghdad will be beneficial to both sides.

The leader stressed that Iran will stand by Iraq and hopes that the country will progress.

He noted that the expansion of the Iran-Iraq relations has strong enemies, and if there were no strong historical and religious bonds between the two countries, the state of their relations could have become like what it was during the era of the former dictator,  Saddam.

Ayatollah Khamenei further hailed the Iraqi people for their hospitality toward Iranian pilgrims during the Arbaeen ceremonies, saying the meaning of such a phenomenon is so significant.

The leader added that bonds between the Iraqi and Iranian nations are so strong that their unity cannot be affected by political factors.

He underlined that this opportunity must be used to further deepen bilateral ties. While expressing pleasure with the state of the Iraqi government, Ayatollah Khamenei said this is the result of the unity among the Iraqi people and groups.

The leader also spoke about the US presence in Iraq. He said the US is not Iraq’s friends, adding that the Americans are actually nobody’s friends nor they are loyal to their European friends.

He underscored that the presence of even a single American in Iraq is too much.
Iraqi President Abdullatif Rashid for his part said that Iraq’s ties with Iran are consistent and strong in all areas.

He also said Baghdad will do its utmost to implement all agreements with Tehran. Rashid further thanked the Islamic Republic for its assistance during different periods, particularly in the fight against terrorism.

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