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Awesome Apps to Help Kids Get Better at Basketball

Basketball is easily one of the most popular sports in the world. Particularly in the US, many kids dream of the NBA from an early age, wanting to be the next Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant.

Regardless of whether they succeed or not, spending a good deal of time playing and practicing can help them grow into strong, driven, healthy adults. Still, if you’re a parent who doesn’t know a thing about basketball, you might be a bit puzzled as to how to help your young one improve.

Teach them the basics if they’re just starting

I must admit that I had no clue what dribbling, the pivot foot or the point guard was. It simply wasn’t something I was interested in while growing up. I spent most of my time reading and telling stories to my little friends. Now imagine me trying to teach kids basketball as an adult. It simply wasn’t going to happen. My kids are particularly athletic and my youngest has just gotten out of his soccer obsession. Now we’re dealing with basketball. If he was going to get anywhere with it, I had to teach myself the basics, then help him learn the moves too. I can tell you that coaching basketball is no easy feat. You really need all the information you can get in order to make it work.

Practice advanced techniques & turn a novice into a pro

As your little NBA hopeful starts getting better at it, you will also want to help them with the shooting technique and other, even more complex ideas. You’d be surprised how many nuances there are to it. Sometimes I think to myself – this is not a sport, this is an art. In order to keep your young player moving forward, you will need to make sure that they learn all the advanced techniques out there. Finding a coach online is a good way to do this but, budget always being something to consider, you will still need to spend a good deal of your own time perfecting the craft with your kid. Anyone can do a simple free throw. Help them move above and beyond everyone in their class – if that is their dream.

Focus on drills & dribbling in case they’re lacking precision

Practice makes perfect. There is simply no way around it. Only dedication and commitment to the sport can turn your child into a great player. Working on basketball drills and practicing dribbling will make all the difference. If you don’t know much about it, you can always rely on online resources to fill you in on all that you have missed. While frantically googling for ideas, I stumbled upon this list of apps that have helped me quite a bit in teaching my youngest the basics.

Apps to Help Kids Get Better at Basketball

You’d be surprised by how much you can manage to achieve with just an app or two. He has now joined our town’s junior team and is doing pretty well in it. I couldn’t be more proud.


Your kid’s new obsession with basketball might leave you clueless if you don’t already know much about the sport. Start with the basics but don’t be surprised if your little NBA hopeful pushes through those in a matter of months and you have to catch up and learn advanced techniques too. Drills and dribbling are also important. To stay on top of your game, you will have to rely on apps and online resources to fill in all the gaps in your knowledge of basketball. Seeing the smile on your kid’s face will make it all worth it.

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