Thursday, February 2, 2023

Araghchi: Sanctions increasing Iranians’ hatred for West

Iran's senior nuclear negotiator, Abbas Araghchi, says the unilateral sanctions against Tehran have done nothing but to stir up Iranians' hatred for the West.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister and senior negotiator Seyyed Abbas Araghchi has played down the effectiveness of unilateral sanctions imposed by the West, especially the US, against Tehran, and said Western embargoes have only deteriorated the already unpopular image of the West to the Iranian nation.

“In fact, sanctions have targeted the Iranian citizens, especially from economic, health and educational aspects, but these sanctions have had no result but hatred of the Iranian nation for those who have imposed them,” Araghchi said, addressing a ceremony to commemorate the UN Day in Tehran on Wednesday.

He noted that it is an honor for the Iranian nation that it has achieved major development objectives in scientific and technological fields.

Araghchi reiterated that the unfair sanctions imposed by some big powers are cruel and oppressive, and said, “These bullying policies heighten (Iran-West) challenges and the UN should support the rights of the oppressed.”

He said that Iran as a victim of war, violence and terrorism has always asked for a world free from violence as well as restoration of peace and development on the basis of human dignity.

The diplomat recalled that Iran has been one of the founders of the United Nations, and said, “Restoration of peace is an inseparable part of the UN’s duties and this organization should create better conditions for the restoration of peace in the world today.

On Saturday, Araghchi described the removal of all sanctions against Tehran as a precondition for a comprehensive deal with world powers, and said Iran will not retreat even an iota from its nuclear rights.

“Iran’s negotiations with 5+1 is progressing on a hard path with ups and downs and there is no bright perspective envisaged for its ending by the deadline,” Araghchi said.

Stressing Iran’s full preparedness to take more actions for increased transparency in its nuclear program, he said, “We will not retreat even one step from the country’s nuclear rights; no machine or equipment will be dismantled, the country’s R&D will not be impaired and the most important of all, the industrial enrichment will be materialized powerfully and within the framework of the country’s needs.”

Araghchi underscored the necessity for the removal of all embargos against Iran and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will not accept the remaining of even one sanction in the comprehensive nuclear agreement.”

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