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Anzali Lagoon Fire in North Iran Believed to be ‘Arson’: Official

A suspect has been detained and four others are under surveillance in connection with a blaze which ripped through Anzali Lagoon in northern Iranian Gilan province in recent days.

Gilan Public Prosecutor General Mahdi Fallah Miri described the fire as “arson” while inspecting operations to extinguish the blaze.

“What is clear is that similar incidents have happened at the lagoon in the past, and this blaze was fueled by this year’s drought caused by shortage of rain,” he added.

“The provincial crisis management team have been stationed at the site, and some provincial as well as national resources have been used to bring the flames under control,” the public prosecutor said.
“A case marked as ‘urgent’ has been filed for the lagoon blaze, and the necessary information has been sent to judicial officials, and the human agents involved have been identified,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Anzali prosecutor explained that under the law, committing an act of arson on natural territories is considered an offense, and that those conducting arson attacks with the aim of waging Muharebeh (war against God) or breaching the peace will receive the death penalty.

Fire broke out at Anzali Lagoon on Monday and kept raging until Tuesday.

These fires are believed to be set caused by profiteers with the aim of seizing the land around the lagoon.

Anzali Lagoon is a coastal wetland in the Caspian Sea. It is home to a large number of birds coming to Iran from neighboring countries each year.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Anzali Lagoon


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