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An Iranology Exhibition Held in Algeria

An exhibition entitled Iranian Civilization - Past and Future was held in the Foreign Language Centre of Algeria University, with the goal of spreading and reinforcing cultural and scientific relations between Iran and Algeria.

According to IRNA, there were photographs of Iran’s natural sites, cultural heritage, scientific developments and cultural achievements displayed in this exhibition, while visitors were also introduced to Iranian arts and handicrafts.

The following is a summary of the IRNA report, as translated by IFP.

Algeria-IranologyThis exhibition was held with the efforts of the Iranian embassy in Algeria, the Iranian Cultural Council and some Algerian students interested in Persian culture and language. The exhibition received broad acclaim from students, researchers and professors from the history and political science departments of Algeria University.

Sharifeh Ghattas, head of the Foreign Languages department, expressed her hope for attracting more students of this department to learn the Farsi language, commenting on the great capacity of Iranian civilization and culture. She also hoped to facilitate the requirements for receiving students from this ancient culture and civilization.

Amir Mousavi, the Cultural Councillor of Iran’s embassy in Algeria, also highlighted Iran’s great scientific and technological capabilities, as well as the agreements signed between the two countries in the recent Iranian delegation visit to Algeria.

He expressed his hope for improving relations between the two countries in all fields, especially scientifically and academically. He also wished for the establishment of Farsi language courses in the near future, saying that Farsi-speaking graduates would be able to reinforce the relations between the two nations with their knowledge of the language.

As of the present moment, Farsi language courses have been started in three universities and academic centres in Algeria. Due to these efforts, and the deals which have happened in the past year, over 250 students have already started these language classes.

By implementing the scientific and educational agreements signed during the Joint High Commission between the two countries in December, it can be foreseen that academic and scientific relations will blossom in different fields, especially by granting mutual scholarships at postgraduate level, and that more study opportunities will become available.

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