Friday, December 2, 2022

All Israeli Positions Within Range of IRGC Fire: Top Commander

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Hossein Salami has cautioned Israel against any mischievous behavior, saying the whole areas occupied by the Zionist regime are within the range of the IRGC’s fire, not necessarily from inside Iran.

“We give a warning to Israelis to care about their acts of mischief. They are far littler than the Americans, much smaller and much more impotent by our calculations,” General Salami said in an interview with Al Mayadeen television channel.

The whole positions occupied by the Israeli regime are within the range of the IRGC’s fire, the commander added, noting that the source of such fire is not confined to Iran alone.

Today, the Israeli regime is hearing the voice of Muslim people from different countries next to the borders of the occupied territories, he stated, saying Muslims from Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and other countries are too close to the occupied territories.

“Strong capacities have been shaped for the decline of the Zionist regime, but the conditions are not still prepared for the final downfall,” General Salami explained, saying Israel itself is preparing the ground for its demise by continuing the acts of mischief.

“They (Israelis) must consider the fact that they are surrounded inside a strip. These concrete barriers or electronic walls or those soldiers who are tired of war and afraid of death, all of which make up a major part of the nature of Zionists, could not save them,” the IRGC chief warned.

He also advised the Zionist regime not to rely upon the US, because nobody has gained results from trusting Americans.

“We are fully prepared to take counteraction against them (Israelis). We have both the determination and the capability to do so. Thus, both the Americans and the Israelis must know that Iran is the land of harsh and calculated responses to whatever invader on whatever scale,” the general added.

Iran Will Hit Israel, US Interests If They Make Any Mistake: IRGC Chief
Iran Will Hit Israel, US Interests If They Make Any Mistake: IRGC Chief

Salami also pointed to a missile attack the IRGC launched against the Ain al-Assad airbase in retaliation for the US assassination of top Iranian commander Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, saying although the response was limited, it revealed that the Islamic Republic has reached such high level of power that it can take direct action against the US military bases.

He further warned that Iran’s responses to the US will go on, but “in different shapes”.

“The main response will be given when General Soleimani’s goals are fulfilled and his path is continued, and these goals generally revolve around the collapse and decline of the Zionist regime as well as ending the US presence in the region and the complete defeat of the US policies,” he underlined.

The commander finally noted that the IRGC had prepared hundreds of other missiles at the time of the attack on Ain al-Assad to launch them simultaneously on the other American bases and other locations.

“If the Americans had continued (to retaliate), we would have definitely extended the range of the attacks, as Ain al-Assad was only the starting point,” he concluded.

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