Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Aliabad Stone Caravanserai – Remnant of Seljuk Dynasty

The stone fort is the only remaining part of this caravanserai of in the heart of the desert. This historical site is located on Iran’s main route from northeast to southwest. Based on the evidence - the type of material and style of architecture - we can tell it belongs to the Seljuk dynasty.

Aliabad four-porch, square-shaped caravanserai. Each side is 66 to 70m long. The porches are deep and are covered by rock arches. At the end of each porch there is a path to the stables. The caravanserai has 31 rooms, all of which are connected to the outside.

This stone site would have been used as a caravanserai during peace-time, while during wars, it would have been used as a military fortress.

IFP: Photos of this historical site have been sourced from Mizan, with explanatory text translated from various additional sources.

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