Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Advisor to Iranian president rejects US National Security Advisor claims

Mohammad Jamshidi, a senior advisor to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has hit back at US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s recent anti-Iran comment.

Sullivan had said in a tweet that the world is watching Iran’s events and claimed that Raisi had described Iranian protesters “flies”.

Jamshidi denied this and said the Iranian president actually described foreign governments who stimulate anti-government riots as “flies”.

Jamshidi also slammed Sullivan’s advisors as “biased”, saying they feed the US national security advisor with what he called “fake news”.

He also said such comments by US officials are meant to portray the Democratic part as strong.

Jamshidi then advised Sullivan to hide the Biden administration’s 30+ requests to meet with the Iranian delegation in New York if they want to project strength.

Iran says foreign governments, the US included, have no right to interfere with the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic. It also says the US and other Western governments only seek to worsen tension in Iran by siding with protesters.

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