Wednesday, June 19, 2024

9th shipment of Iranian aid arrives in Aleppo, Syria

An airplane carrying the 9th shipment of Iran’s humanitarian aid for the earthquake-hit people of Syria has landed in the Aleppo Airport.

That’s according to Iran’s consul general to Aleppo. The relief aid includes 11 tons of foodstuff such as milk powder, oil, canned fish, baked beans and cheese.

The Iranian diplomat said the aid will be distributed among the quake-stricken Syrians according to their urgent needs.

The Syrians in the quake zone have been going through many hardships since the quakes hit Turkey and Syria nearly two weeks ago.

This is because the West including the US has imposed harsh sanctions on Syria, which make it impossible for many world countries to send aid to Syria.

Damascus has called on the West to lift the bans so that aid would enter the quake-hit areas.

The Western governments have rejected this demand. The total death toll from the quake in Syria and Turkey has exceeded the 41.000 mark.

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