Tuesday, September 27, 2022

6 Plants to Lend Fresh Ambiance to Your House

Who says that plants don't survive in humid environment? Whether you have a green thumb or not, you must have experienced the positive effects of house greens on the ambiance and aura of the space.

You must have felt positive vibes creeping in the house and fresh breathable air making your lungs happy and body healthy but when it comes to placing plants in the house, you are for some lively vibes.

Most plants hate humidity and this is what keeps plants from flourishing well in tropical areas. But no more, here are a few plants that thrives in humidity and will exude a fresh aura, keeping your house smell free and make it look contemporary too. Pick one of these plants today, place it in the house and experience a luxuriant interior.

  1. Spider Plant

You can never get enough of this! It is one of the best air purifying plants out there and it removes formaldehyde from the air in the house effectively and in return all it asks for is some bright light. It needs water weekly and hates direct sunlight which is a plus for indoor plants. If your house receives natural light and is fairly lit by indirect sunlight, this is a plant for you.

  1. Lucky Bamboo

A Feng Shui favourite, this plant could survive with just water and no soil is needed to keep it green. It can thrive under any intensity of light, high or low and thrives in hydration. It increases the quality of the air too with minimal caring. Buy bamboo plants online to get further discounts and hassle free delivery.

  1. Orchids

This tropical beauty will make your bathtub look more like a dream come true. This plant is a fan of humid environment and your bathroom provides it with just the right toasty ambiance to grow and flourish. It loves indirect sunlight, so place it on the window sill or near the bathtub, wherever it gets some light to add to the beauty of your home and provide fresh, clean air to breathe. You can also get your hands on the bonsai tree of this plant according to space requirements.

  1. Aloe Vera

This is one wholesome plant which commonly found in every part of the world. If you bathroom receives a fair amount of natural light, then this plant is bound to increase the quality of your bathroom. It skin soothing properties is famous worldwide and it requires quite a little care to grow well.

  1. Peace Lily

This alluring green with its appealing blooms and attractive green leaves is hard to ignore. It not only enhances the beauty quotient of a space but also act as an excellent air purifier. Your bathroom is one place where you could relax taking a nice bath and a steamy shower. Peace lily will only add to it. It purifies air of different toxins that exuded by the furniture, cleaning supplies and carpets in the house. The best part to keep this plant in the bathroom is that it loves being in shade and requires little light to grow.

  1. Ferns

Lovers of low light and high humidity, ferns were made to make your bathroom look exquisite. They require little maintenance and with their green leaves, they will make you glad that you decided on them to be a part of your private space in the home. The humidity from hot water will keep the leaves fresh and rich in colour.

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