Thursday, December 1, 2022

180 Iranian Female Filmmakers to Compete in Int’l Festival

A record-breaking number of Iranian female filmmakers are set to take part in different sections of an international film festival due to be held within the next two weeks.

A Farsi report by the Khabar Online News Agency says more than 180 female filmmakers have already applied for taking part in Feature, Lengthy Feature, Mid-length Film, Short Film, Documentary, Mid-length Documentary, Short Documentary, Animation and Neighbourhood sections of the International Shahr Film Festival.

This establishes a record in terms of the Iranian women filmmakers’ presence in an international film festival. The women’s presence in the sections of mid-length feature is highly significant.

Nearly 50 Iranian women filmmakers have applied to take part in Mid-length Feature and Short Film sections. On the other hand, in each of the Animation and Neighbourhood Section, 39 women filmmakers have already applied to take part.

In Short and Mid-length Documentary sections, 36 Iranian women are present. In Feature section, 10 filmmakers and in Lengthy Feature and Documentary, 7 filmmakers are going to take part each.

Among the leading Iranian women filmmakers participating in the festival are Pouran Derakhshande with “Under the Smoky Roof”, Negar Azarbaijani with “Narges Season”, Monir Qeidi with “Vilaieha”, Majan Ashrafizadeh with “Sis”, Soheila Golestani with “Two”, Pegah Ahangarani with “Men of Arbab Jamshid”.

The sixth edition of International Shahr Film Festival will be held in Tehran from July 31 to August 5.

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