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Putin Orders Withdrawal of Russian Forces from Syria

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has ordered the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria during his visit to the Arab country.
Russian President Putin in Tehran for Talks

Russian President Putin in Tehran for Talks

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, who has just landed in Tehran, is going to meet with high-ranking Iranian officials and attend a trilateral meeting with presidents of Iran and Azerbaijan Republic.
Putin Rejects Saudi King’s Demand for Putting Pressure on Iran

Putin Rejects Saudi King’s Demand for Putting Pressure on Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly refrained from accepting the Saudi king’s demand that Moscow pressurizes Tehran.

Iranian, Russian Presidents Reiterate Support for Iraq’s Integrity

The presidents of Iran and Russia have expressed their support for Iraq’s territorial integrity and national unity amid a highly controversial referendum on independence of the country’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region.

Iranian FM, Russian President Hold Talks in Sochi

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi.

Iran’s Rouhani, Russia’s Putin Discuss Bilateral Ties

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a phone conversation discussed a range of issues and called for closer relations between Tehran and Moscow.

Iran Will Soon Join Eurasian Economic Union

Signs are emerging that show the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) – the Russia-led single market – is seeking deeper links with Iran after the re-election of President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran, Russia Discuss Cooperation on Regional Security

Iranian and Russian presidents in a phone conversation conferred on a range of issues, including the development of bilateral ties and mutual cooperation on Mideast security.
The Russian ambassador

Trump Can’t Harm Iran-Russia Relations: Envoy

The Russian ambassador to Iran has rejected the US efforts to alter Moscow’s stances towards Tehran, stressing that strengthening relations with Iran is his country’s main foreign policy priority.

Iranian, Russian Presidents Underline Joint Fight against Terror

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic and Russia have been working closely together to fight terrorism and promote stability in the region.

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