Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Yemen deputy defense chief says they possess sophisticated weapons

Yemen’s Deputy Defense Minister General Ali al-Kohlani says his country has some sophisticated weapons that he is not allowed to reveal. Kohlaniw was speaking with Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

He said Yemen has militarily and politically won the Saudi-led war and that the country becomes stronger by the day.

“In the seventh year of the war, the Yemeni army was stronger than in the sixth year and in the sixth year was stronger than the fifth year.”

He condemned Saudi and Emirati forces and their US and Israeli backers of targeting Yemen’s infrastructure, describing it as “painful”.

Kohlani said Yemenis are known for their resistance against bullying and rejection of servitude to foreign countries. He however maintained that Saudi and UAE rulers have played the fool regarding the outcome of their war on Yemen while the whole world knows that their coalition has been defeated and it has collapsed.

“Yemen has lost everything, but the material damage suffered by Saudi Arabia is also significant and the number of their casualties has exceeded 10,000”.

Kohalni underlined that Yemen has shifted from the defensive to the offensive and that all areas inside Saudi Arabia and the UAE are within the reach of Yemeni arms including the ballistic missiles and the drones.

Kohlani however underscored that Yemen extends its hand for peace.

He said Yemeni politician are tasked with negotiating peace and that the country’s armed forces negotiate through their weapons.

Saudi Arabia and its allies began the war in March 2015. The war has killed and wounded thousands of people with millions of Yemenis internally displaced.

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